Bonus statuses on Keep


At various stages of the bonus lifecycle on Keep, there are different statuses that are shown on the Employees menu to administrators. This article describes the various bonus statuses within the Keep platform.


Bonus Statuses


This is the status of the bonus when an administrator creates a bonus but has not yet sent the bonus invitation to the employee.



Once the bonus invitation has been sent over to the employee but they are still reviewing it and haven't signed. In this state, the administrator can choose to send the bonus over to the employee again by clicking on send bonus invitation.



The employee has accepted the bonus but the loan attached to the bonus has not yet been approved by Keep. Keep will evaluate the employee status and complete any regulatory checks before approving the loan.



This state is when Keep has approved the loan for the Keep Bonus and the employee can withdraw the bonus amount.



The bonus state is vested when all the vesting milestones are completed and the employee has fully earned their bonus amount.



When an employee bonus has been sent but is subsequently canceled or declined by the employee, it is moved to a Voided state.

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